Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding
Proverbs 3:13

Simon Gonzalez

Ph.D. in Linguistics

Linguistic Skills

  1. Acoustic Phonetics
    Signal Processing, Visualization and Analysis of Speech Data, Waveform and Spectrogram Analysis, Acoustic-Articulatory Correlates
  2. Laboratory Phonology
    Tongue Ultrasound Analysis, Articulatory Phonology, English Coronal Obstruents
  3. Socio-phonetics
    Data Collection, Data Annotation, Data Analysis, Phonetic Variation, Speaker Variability, Intra-speaker Variation
  4. Data Modelling
    Acoustic and Statistical modelling of Speech Data, Dynamic Vowel Modelling
  5. Corpora & Data sets
    Creation and Maintenance of Big Corpora and Data sets
Technical Skills
  1. Programming
    Praat Scripting, RStudio, Shiny R, MatLab
  2. Statistics
    R, SPSS, JMP
  3. Software
    Praat, MatLab, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Numbers, KeyNote
  4. Multimedia
    Audacity, Adobe Suite, SketchBook, Avid Studio, iMovie
PVC (Arts, Education and Law)
Nathan campus, Griffith University
170 Kessels Road QLD 4111
+61 (07) 373 54730


  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. French

Non-Linguistics courses

  1. Statistics for the Sciences
    University of Newcastle, Australia
    How do we use data to make informed scientific decisions? This course introduces students to statistical thinking, data collection, data presentation and statistical analysis.
  2. Introduction to Software Engineering 1
    University of Newcastle, Australia
    This course is an introduction to object-oriented programming language, for example, Java. The course introduces the fundamentals of analysing a problem and then implementing a solution as a computer software system.
  3. Introduction to Procedural Programming
    University of Newcastle, Australia
    This course introduces students to procedural programming and problem-solving with computers through Matlab and C, assuming no prior exposure to computer programming.
  4. Introduction to Engineering Computations
    University of Newcastle, Australia
    Introduces students to the use of computers in Engineering. The course assumes no previous knowledge and has the objective of achieving competency in a high-level programming language as well as improving problem-solving skills.